November 2015

SMB has had the honor to be elected Gazelle Company 2015 by the Danish business newspaper Børsen. Over the last 20 years Børsen been analyzing which companies are high growth companies in Denmark and this year 1.449 companies out of 38.500 companies made the cut to be elected Gazelle Company.  Out of the 1.449 company SMB was 444 on the list or in the best 1/3 of the Gazelle companies. Comparing with all companies evaluated this year, our ranking as 444 places SMB just outside the top 1% for of the 38.500 companies.




SMB is very proud of the achievement, as it exemplifies the core of the growth journey that SMB is on and is a tribute to the fantastic team of employees at SMB. It is their achievement that SMB this year is a company who in the last 4 accounting years have had continuous growth in turnover / gross result and who has doubled this in the 4 year period.  

February 2016

Scandinavian Micro Biodevices (SMB) reports the best financial results ever in 2015 with an increase of 124% in profit after tax.

Sales of our Analyzers under the names QuickVet® and VSpro® continues to grow together with the cartridges developed specific to the platforms.

SMB has since the introduction of the QuickVet® and VSpro® platforms experienced a Compound Annual Growth (CAGR) of 31% in revenues with a significant growth in operational profit.

Our profit after tax in 2015 was 10.3 million DKK, an increase of 123% over previous year.

This positive development has been fueled both by growth in our existing markets, the expansion into new markets and by the introduction of new cartridges to the QuickVet® and VSpro® platform. In 2015 SMB introduced Feline blood typing A, B and AB cartridges. SMB was approved as manufacturer in the important Japanese market, where we expect to initiate sales in 2016 through our appointed distributor.

The company has over the year maintained a strict cost control, which has contributed to the increased profitability.

Throughout 2015 SMB also continued its strategy of investing in new products and platforms within the company’s technology base. On the QuickVet® platform we are developing two new cartridges which will add value to veterinarian clinics and strengthen the customer loyalty to QuickVet®. SMB has made good progress in 2015 developing a new platform within Immunodiagnostic tests which is expected to be introduced onto the market in 2016. This next generation platform will place the company in a strong position for continued growth in the coming years.

SMB has had the honor to be elected Gazelle Company 2015 by the Danish business newspaper Børsen. The Gazelle list cover those companies, out of approx. 38.500 companies, which have had more than 100 % growth in the last 4 years in Denmark. SMB was placed as number 444 on the list or just outside the top 1 %.

Ole Kring, CEO states “We are very satisfied with the development in 2014 because it is the best financial result ever and at the same time we have progressed our technology base and product development significantly which places us in a very strong position for continued growth in the coming years” and continues “2016 is a year of investment for SMB. We plan to invest significantly in entering new markets, product development and production capacity in order to cover the expected cartridge demand for the existing platform and for our new Immunodiagnostic platform. We therefore plan to expand with new employees in Sales and Marketing, Production and Development.


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May 2014

New video about QuickVet from our European distributor, scil animal care:


scil animal care GmbH has launched a new product video for QuickVet.


It is available online on YouTube


June 2013

Danish Television, TV2 LORRY had a half hour long TV program about companies with success in Zealand, Denmark.

In this program, SMB was followed for a whole day. You can see this program at:



June 13 2013:

SMB's growth has been noted in Danish Newspaper:


June 11 2013:

SMB CEO, Ole Kring to present its production automation project for more than 100 companies during the Confederation of Danish Industry's Copenhagen Branch's annual meeting.



June 2013:

Confederation of Danish Industry has on its Regional Meeting, pointed SMB as a company working toward higher quality products and efficiency in production. A short movie has been produced in this matter:


April 2013:

Netavisen have an interview with SMB about production challenges for a SMV, and our goal to deliver high quality products to our customers:

May 28 2014

Scandinavian Micro Biodevices is pleased to announce launch of a new test:

Canine Fibrinogen™ Test
The QuickVet® Canine Fibrinogen™ Test allows the veterinarian to determine the concentration of plasma fibrinogen in dogs. Quick and accurate diagnosis is essential for successful outcome of treatment.

For more information: